I am now accepting private health insurance and offering preventative telehealth consultations which means your exclusive visit with me will be at no cost to you and will not go towards your deductible/cost share.  YES,  expert nutrition information working towards your health and prevention of disease for FREE!  

Insurances can be complicated, but I have made it easy for YOU! have worked hard the past few months and know exactly what each insurance carrier requires for FREE consults.  First, fill out this Insurance Form below so I can call to verify your nutrition benefits to confirm your coverage. After, I will let you know if you will need a doctor's referral or nutrition order.  Once we get all the information, I will set you up as a client in my HIPPA complaint portal and we will book your first FREE telehealth video call.

Get started and book an initial virtual FREE call with me


Your first telehealth call (about 60-70 minutes) will include a complete nutrition assessment along with personalized goals + intervention strategies to help you get started on your health journey.  Some insurances offer unlimited follow up visits so we can continue to modify your care plan as needed.  

Qualifying insurances will get $50 off the RECHARGE program. Fill out the form below.   


Please fill out this form so I can verify your nutrition benefits with your insurance carrier.

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