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Customized Diet Plans

Get an individualized  plan with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, weekend eating plan, along with recipes just for you, and product suggestions/shopping list.  

  • Complimentary 4 weeks of unlimited  ACCOUNTABILITY check ins with Ismini where you can modify your plan, create new goals, problem solve, & discuss food eating challenges. Check ins can be done by text.  It is like having your own personal nutritionist for one month!

  • How it works?

    • Fill out the contact form and you will be emailed a New Client Questionnaire.

    • Ismini will then start to create your customized plan based on your responses.   She will get in contact with you if she has any follow up questions when styling your diet.

    • Once your plan is completed, Ismini will email your step- by- step instructions and diet plan.

    • Ismini will be checking in with you throughout the month to keep you accountable.  Expect her to reach out 2-3 times per week to make sure you feel comfortable with your plan.

    • After your month is completed, you will have the option to continue to work with Ismini by purchasing  Monthly Accountability Check Ins.  

Monthly Accountability Check Ins          * Can only be purchased after a Customized Diet Plan, 6 Week Plan or Meal Kit.  Stay on track with your customized plan! Ismini will help you stay accountable and give you ALL the support you need to reach your goal! ​ This includes:

  • an update to your diet plan 

  • more recipes ideas and new product updates

  • one check-in per week

  • email/text support incase you have any questions when your are out to eat or food shopping

    • 1 month, 3 months or 6 month subscription to the DBI Loyalty Plan 

Virtual Consult

If you have a lot of questions and need specific instruction on how to jump start your diet plan or get some professional nutrition advice, book a virtual consult with Ismini.

  • In this 40 min phone call, Ismini will provide you with EVERYTHING you need for your nutrition plan. 

  • Ismini will send out summary email with all your personalized intervention recommendations so you can follow her suggestions to reach your goal. 

6 Week Weight Loss Plan

This is a 6 week comprehensive weight loss plan created by Ismini with 4 intervention phases.  The first part of the plan is aggressive and involves a DETOX phase in which Ismini helps you eliminate foods that cause weight gain, inflammation and bloat.  After your DETOX phases is completed, you will start to strategically place foods back into your diet in portion controlled amounts so you can continue to lose without feeling overly restricted.  Ismini provides you with step-by-step instructions to guide you through every phase.

  • What you get?

    • 6 week weight loss plan with 4 different phases

    • 1 virtual check in per week with Ismini 

    • step-by-step instruction 

    • delicious recipes

    • grocery shopping and product list

  • Vegetarian Edition available 

    • Same set up as the 6 Week plan but food choices are based on plant-based eaters and pescatarians

30 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan Kits

 Get a 4 week weight loss intervention plan styled around your diet, with the option to substitute 8 or 12 fully prepared sustainable meals in your plan for your crazy, hectic and busy days that typically result in easy choices like fast food, take out/dining out or convenience foods.  

  • Details on Meal Plan Kits:

    • 4 week weight loss plan styled around you with instructions

    • 1 virtual check in per week with Ismini 

    • recipes and grocery shopping/product list

    • 8 or 12 fully prepared meals to use within your 30 days 

    • *Ask for pricing 


“I worked with Ismini for almost 60 days and lost about 50 pounds without exercise thanks to Isminis diet plan and her weekly text to make sure I’m on the right path she’s always there when I have a question.”


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