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​ I call myself a diet stylist because my speciality is working with clients to style their diet around their personalized goals and nutrition preferences.


 I try to get to know my clients on a personal level so I can create a unique plan that results in long-term weight loss AND health management.


My job is to understand EVERYTHING about my client's lifestyle:

~ the foods they like

~ work schedules

~ sleep patterns

~ who they cook for

~ favorite places to eat


I help people focus on HOW to change their lives simply with food.

This has allowed me to see so many of my clients reach goals unimaginable and regain confidence in themselves.

My goal is to keep my clients accountable and not just give out a plan without any supportive check ins and feedback.

 I will work my hardest  to get my clients to where they WANT to be, assure their goals are met and that they are 100% satisfied with their diet and get the RESULTS they are looking for.

I also know personally a bit about the weight loss journey from my own experiences.  I have been up and down 15 pounds my entire adult life. This fluctuation all had to do with emotions, poor planning, and falling into habits that led to more conveinence eating.

When I was at my highest weight, I found out I was expecting and gained an additional 25 ish pounds during my pregnancy.

Since having my son, I have lost 40 pounds. Accomplishing this took a lot of time. I went through spurts where I focused very hard on my weight loss and then I had months where I took it easy. I worked on my stress management and my emotional eating by finding distractions and changing some habits. ⁣. ⁣

Today, I am down to a comfortable weight that I have maintained close to two years. I could lose more, but I don’t want to. I am happy and comfortable with where I am at and am focused being healthy.

My Credentials


  • Registered Dietitian since 2010

  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition + Dietetics

  • Licensed Nutritionist in MA

  • Master’s in of Science in NutritionFramingham State, 2010

  • 10 years of experienced nutrition counseling in weight loss management 

My Counseling Style


  • All visits are virtual

  • Text messaging

  • Email

  • Instagram or Facebook message

  • Allows for communication at any time and any place


"Ismini has been life changing. She  is passionate about her work and helping people. Her heart is 100% in it and I highly recommend her services."


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